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About me:

In 1953, I completed my degree in Anthropology/Ethnology, after studying the exploits of the great explorer and anthropologist, Methusius Yellow. I have modelled my career on some famously profound words that Methusius uttered one of his porters who tried to wake him when they finally sighted land during his great expedition. He said; “Byron, I don’t get out of bed for less than 10,000 guineas a day.” Profound words indeed.
Throughout my career I have carried these words with me to every corner of the globe in search of great archaeological and anthropological wonders. My discoveries have been documented in all the major journals.
However, my greatest triumph remains being honoured with the duty of guarding the artefacts discovered by Old Methusius during his 1901 expedition to find the Lost Tribe of M&M'S®.

These artefacts (pictured right) were collected by Old Methusius Yellow on the expedition to find the Lost Tribe of M&M'S®. According to the ship’s journal, the artefacts were found near the beach where they landed.
Old Methusius continued on alone. A crew member was given the task of delivering the artefacts back to the expedition ship. Methusius was never seen again.

If you would like any information on my exploits or the Lost Tribe artefacts, you can contact me at jrschmeckleton@gmail.com

A: M&M'S® Lost Tribe bowl. (Circa 1810) This bowl seems to suggest evidence of their existence somewhere on the lost island. B: M&M'S® Lost Tribe Ceremonial Mask. (Circa 1725)
C: M&M'S® Lost Tribe, Warrior Shield. Recent carbon dating suggests it is in fact probably from the 1600’s. D: M&M'S® Lost Tribe drum. (Circa 1760) Considered to be one of the most sought after in the collection. This drum was probably a war drum.
E: Another Lost Tribe artefact. This totem represents the M&M'S® ancestor spirits.

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